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“We should create the land market and the rules on it by ourselves”

Author: Iurii Goncharenko BY THE EDITOR. One farmer complained to my deputy while they talked that he had found nothing for himself in the second...

Sand grains, stones and blocks of the land market

Everyone worries about the land market as everybody worries about a phenomenon that no one has seen and no one knows anything about it for sure. As...

Feelings of the market

We are talking to the CEO of the Investment Company INTELEVRAZ Iurii Diachuk. ─ High grain prices always stop the sale of corporate rights to farms....

Sold the agrobusiness: where to invest funds

Many farmers will remember the current 2020 primarily for extreme weather conditions and complete uncertainty in the market. To put it mildly, many...

THE BANKING 50 – Blitz interview with Investment company INTELEVRAZ, an experienced advisor in the Ukrainian mergers and acquisitions market (M&A)

— Where to invest today?— Investments are the “driver of the economy”. We believe, develop and invest in Ukraine, in the country where we are...

Why you need an advisor when selling agribusiness. Interview of the CEO of the Investment Company INTELEVRAZ for the magazine “LANDLORD”

What are the main difficulties in selling agribusiness, why it is worth involving an advisor in this process and what support he can provide to the...

What market do we have today and which we will have tomorrow. Interview of the CEO of Investment Company INTELEVRAZ for magazine “ZERNO”

The basis for the examination of the land market and the situation in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine is 10 years of experience of our...

“To invest or not” – that’s the question

Investors buy profitable real estate for two main reasons: speculation and investment. One of the possible ways to invest in real estate is to...

State of the real estate market in Ukraine due to the global financial crisis and Covid-19

Partner of Investment Company INTELEVRAZ Valentyna Grechka shares her more than 15 years of experience in real estate, investment and management,...

Land relations in Ukraine

On March 31 this year, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed a law on land. This is undoubtedly a historic event. And this is the first step in land...

How will the grain price be formed in this year

This year, Ukrainian farmers are facing new challenges: an abnormally warm and snowless winter will obviously make its adjustments to sowing and...

Influence of COVID-19 on the real estate market of Ukraine

Over the last weeks, our company has received many questions from clients regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the Ukrainian real estate market....

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