Confident investments, maximize the profit from assets and improve the efficiency of an active asset


With INTELEVRAZ you choose confidence of choice, confidence in tomorrow, confidence in the development and income perspective.


Confident investments, maximize the profit from assets and improve the efficiency of an active asset


With us you choose confidence of choice, confidence in the future, confidence in the future development and income


Соnfident investments

INTELEVRAZ is a unique company that provides services both in the commercial real estate, and in mergers and acquisitions of existing businesses, while acting as a consultant or adviser, depending on the tasks assigned. This gives our experts invaluable experience and allows providing a service of the highest intellectual level in each direction, that allows achieving maximum results within the optimum time
Consulting in the commercial real estate
  • Investment Consulting
  • Development Consulting
  • Expert evaluation, analytical and consulting services in real estate
Real estate management
  • Property management
  • Facility management
Commercial real estate deals
  • Long-term lease
  • Sale of real estate
  • Identification of investors for joint activities
  • Identification of facilities in accordance with the terms of reference
Management of construction projects
  • Technical audit and review of the construction work estimates
  • Selection of the general contractor and sub-contractors for the works
  • Monitoring the timing and financing of construction
  • Transfer of the completed facility to the client
Mediation of conflicts between the owners and/or users of the real estate
  • Analysis of the conflict
  • Suggesting acceptable options to resolve the conflict
  • Documenting the agreed resolution
Support of transactions with agricultural assets
  • Audit and inventory of agricultural assets and land bank
  • Pre-sale preparation of agricultural businesses
  • Organization of sales of agricultural assets/businesses
  • Identification of agricultural assets/businesses for acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Supporting and structuring the transaction through all the stages
  • Financial due diligence of the company to be acquired
  • Taking inventory of the assets
  • Facilitating the strategy development and participation in negotiations with the sellers
  • Consulting in the optimum structure of the transaction


Key Features of Our Work:


Our projects are unique, because we invest in them our vision of the future and the values of the eternal. We form the new standards of services


Our strength lies in combining the efforts of young experts and the knowledge of experienced professionals


We use the proprietary project management system, which allows us to achieve maximum results and the highest quality of services

Prominent People Utterance

“If you think about something, then think big”

Robert Schuller


What we offer our partners

A full spectrum of services that guarantees customers confidence in their investments

Private investment management


Attraction of investments

Following-through the project at all stages of implementation


Do you want to buy or sell a business and successfully close the transaction? Entrust this task to professional advisors

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The search for a new premises takes a long time, which can be used for the benefit of your business. Entrust this task to our specialists

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