THE BANKING 50 – Blitz interview with Investment company INTELEVRAZ, an experienced advisor in the Ukrainian mergers and acquisitions market (M&A)

— Where to invest today?
Investments are the “driver of the economy”. We believe, develop and invest in Ukraine, in the country where we are located. We are focused on investment in the agricultural sector, real estate and innovation.

— Is it worth investing in real estate in Ukraine today? Many people are interested in this question, it is very relevant today.
We see that the real estate sector is transforming along with the economy, but it is still investment-attractive and profitable in Ukraine. In Ukraine, we see a demand for new formats of real estate and the need to increase space in sectors such as education, medicine, logistics, as well as the need for new formats of housing and workspace.

— In your opinion, what impact will the opening of the land market have on agribusiness and agricultural producers?
We think that it will not have much effect. Let us explain why: the commercial agricultural land market is a segment of the commercial real estate market. This property is rented out to generate an appropriate income. Taking into account the peculiarities of our land reform, we assume that at the initial stage this market will be formed by agricultural producers, since they are closest to the shareholder (the current owner of the land). Moreover, the cost of land will be affected by the possibility of its consolidation.

— The next question that interests everyone is what will be the cost of land after the opening of the land market?
Now it is a thankless job to make predictions. But if we proceed from today’s data on the cost of land lease, we can assume that it will be, depending on the region, from $ 800 to $ 1500-2000.

— What trends do you see in the market of mergers and acquisitions of companies in the agricultural sector?
Now agricultural holdings are developing further in the regions of their presence to optimize logistics and control. It is also a priority to move to areas with higher humidity. The greatest investment activity is observed when private investors buy small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises. There is an interesting trend on the part of big business, which is trying to take advantage of a lean year to acquire promising assets at a low price. However, the price situation on the grain market so far allows many producers to avoid default.




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