“To invest or not” – that’s the question

Investors buy profitable real estate for two main reasons: speculation and investment. One of the possible ways to invest in real estate is to purchase real estate in new buildings.Regardless of the type of real estate (residential or commercial), the future investor may have some concerns about the correctness of his choice.

Valentyna Grechka, an Partner of INTELEVRAZ Investment Company, talks about investments in liquid real estate, risks when buying real estate in new buildings and what you should pay attention to in order to make the right choice when investing in real estate.

– Tell us, please, what is liquid real estate?
– If very simple, the liquidity of real estate (apartment or commercial real estate) is a set of its characteristics that determine the probability of rapid sale or lease with maximum benefit to the owner.
New buildings – one of the options for liquid real estate. For example, buying an apartment in a new building is profitable for many reasons. The use of the latest construction technologies, taking into account the needs of future residents during the design, the availability of convenient infrastructure, closed safe and landscaped area – these are all advantages that are not always available in the secondary market.

– What should an investor pay attention to when buying an apartment in the primary market?
– Buying real estate is a responsible business, the haste of which is unacceptable. Buying primary housing at different stages of construction is associated with certain risks. If you take the advice of experienced professionals and listen to their recommendations, then the risks when buying an apartment will be minimal.

When buying liquid real estate, the investor must carefully check the documents and analyze a lot of information.
I will highlight the main points to pay attention to:
-Search for investment-attractive real estate (analysis of location, environment, economic life of the object, infrastructure, plans for neighboring buildings, return on investment, etc.).
-Checking the reliability of the developer (study the reputation, experience and projects of the developer).
-Legal component of the investment object (verification of title documents for land, project documents, permits, etc.).
-The technical component of the construction of the house (study of the validity of the technical conditions for the connection of electricity, gas, water and sewerage, etc., or existing communications, as well as the quality of construction (works and materials).
-List of services of the service company and their pricing.

I would like to note that recently, more and more interesting and investment-attractive residential complexes and projects have started to appear in Ukraine.

– Where better to buy an apartment in Kiev and what location of the complex affects liquidity?
– The location of the residential complex and its surroundings are the priority issues when buying liquid real estate. Proximity to the city center, developed infrastructure, the presence of social facilities, transport accessibility, environmental component – all this affects the attractiveness of the apartment for potential buyers. Each district has its advantages and disadvantages. Each district has its advantages and disadvantages. We know and constantly study the features of each district, analyze new projects, evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the purpose of our client, we advise which area will be the best for investment.

– When is it profitable to buy an apartment in a new building?
– Analysis of the market for sales of apartments in new buildings indicates the two most successful periods for the buyer. This is the period – summer, when most people rest at the resorts, and developers need sales. And the period from early December to late January. These days there are decent promotions and discounts.Of course, it is also profitable to buy real estate in the low market.

– How to ensure a stable income from real estate?
– Investing in real estate provides investors with the following main opportunities:
         -Periodic return (from rent).
         -Capital preservation (safety).
         -Capital appreciation (hedge against inflation).
         -Leverage (using other people’s money).
         -Income tax advantage (“tax shelter”).

We comprehensively inspect new buildings and real estate, provide our expertise, accompany sales agreements and analyze at what rental rate you can rent real estate. Then, if necessary, we can effectively manage this property, from the organization of repairs to the signing of a lease agreement with a stable tenant.
With us, our customers are confident in their “tomorrow”!


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