Object Data

Sale of land 10.61ha for cottage construction

Object Data

Sale of land 10.61ha for cottage construction

Land plot

 Кyiv region, Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi district, village Myrotske,
5 km from Bucha 
10,61 ha  Ground parking  Akademgorodok  – 12 min


Land plot with a total area of ​​10.61 hectares.

2.01 For the construction and maintenance of a dwelling house, outbuildings and structures (homestead).

The land is privately owned.

Investment attractiveness

  • Good location of the land plot, 28 km to Kyiv, 5 km to Bucha.
  • Convenient transport interchange, there are neighbors.
  • The land plot is divided into 56 plots of the correct shape for cottage development. All necessary communications are laid nearby.
  • The land plot is privately owned, with a purpose – for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, outbuildings and structures (homestead).
  • The trend of increasing demand for housing in country cottages, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, close to nature and located in a quiet place near the forest.


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10,6 ha Ground parking
  Akademgorodok  – 12 min

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