Object Data

Sale of the garden enterprise 740 ha in Vinnitsa region




Object Data

Sale of the garden enterprise 740 ha in Vinnitsa region



Garden Enterprise

 Ukraine, Vinnitsa region 
740 ha Owm machinery Sucurity 24 / 7 Vinnitsa – 40 min by car


Garden area – 740 hectares. As of 2019, 115 hectares are occupied by new gardens (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 planting years), 207 hectares – old gardens (1973-1978 years of planting), 114 hectares – arable land (sunflower, wheat, soybean), 46 hectares – old garden in the stage of uprooting, 210 hectares – thickets, roads, forest strips.

Semi-intensive gardens. Scheme of planting of apple trees on the rootstock M-106. Number of seedlings per 1ha – an average of 1000-1200 pcs. Yield – 30 tons apples with 1ha.

Purpose use  is the reserve land. The land lease agreement was concluded for the period up to 2041 inclusive.

Fixed assets and connunications: 

  • Office-hotel building
  • The composition is concrete
  • Warehouse for storage
  • Composition for transshipment
  • Garage for machinery
  • Farm buildings
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • All the necessary communications are summarized
  • In addition, a 400kW transmission line was constructed for the construction of a refrigerated warehouse
  • The system of video surveillance of the territory of the farm and the physical protection of the gardens are installed

Investment Attraction 

  • The gardens are located in the central part of Ukraine – Vinnitsa region. Distance from the center of Vinnitsa – 50 km, from the city of Kiev – 260 km. The most favorable soils for growing apple trees are in the Vinnitsa region
  • Logistics developed
  • All entrances and exits are asphalted
  • A permanent working group has been formed
  • It is possible to build a refrigerating warehouse, install a sorting line and set up an irrigation system
  • The possibility of using the farm for both perennial plantations and annual crops
  • Client, partner base and sales market have been developed
  • Transparent ownership structure. There are no receivables and payables
  • Operating stable business, 12 years of successful work in the market



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740 ha Owm Machinery
Security 24 / 7 Vinnitsa – 40 min by car

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