Object Data

Sale of the agricultural enterprise, Dnipropetrovsk region

Object Data

Sale of the agricultural enterprise, Dnipropetrovsk region

Аgricultural enterprise

 Dnepropetrovsk region
5349,8 ha Own machinery Аll necessary communications Dnipropetrovsk region


Bank of land – 5349.8 hectares.
Park of modern machinery – 67 units.
More than 50 regular customers.
The main customers of the company are: BungeLTD, Cargill, LouisDreyfusCompany, Soufflet, Agriculture, Kernel, Alfred C. Toepfer, SpikeTrade and many more.

The company grows:
Rapeseed – 1380 ha
Barley – 1140 ha
Wheat – 1800 ha
Sunflower – 1000 ha
Pea – 29.8 ha

Sowing material: Syngenta, Limagrain, Lembke, DuPontPioneer, SaatenUnion, KWS, RAGT Semences.
Mineral fertilizers: Yara, Compo, ArviFertis.
Plants protecting tools: Basf, Bayer, DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta.

The products of the agro-enterprise are grown from the best seeds and using only organic plant protection products and the best fertilizers, meet the highest European quality standards and all environmental and sanitary standards of Ukraine.
Cars (MAZ-5334, GAZ 3307, fuel truck, GAZ 5312, GAZ-SAZ 3507, KAMAZ 5511, KAMAZ 6520) – 19 pieces
Combines (CLAAS LEXION 480) – 4 pieces
Sprayers (MAXUS 3000 l, 24m) – 2 pieces
Tractors – (John Deere 6175M, John Deere 8420, MTZ-82, T-150, T-16) – 14 pieces
Seeders (Great Plains 2000-3407, Great Plains YP825A-0870, KINZE 3600 corn), reapers (CLAAS V750 Vario grain, Capello HE7500GR750 sunflower, Capello Helianthus 7500 sunflower), cultivators (FG12.30, RTS S-2112h SALFOR grunt) -7.9 with rollers, KPS-8PMU “Osavul”, KRN-5.6, KSGP-4), graders, harrows (disk JohnDeere 630, disk B-30, disk BDN-2.0m, universal UDA – 3.8-20) – 28 pieces.

Own laboratory
Satellite, high-altitude crop monitoring and technical procedures including drones, constant environmental monitoring, regular field sampling.



Investment attractiveness

  • The favorable logistic location is the central part of Ukraine
  • Favorable climatic conditions and fertile lands for agricultural business development
  • Formed enterprise with well-established business processes, which is a leading producer of agricultural products
  • Land bank with long-term leases until 2024 – 2033
  • Own car park
  • The company has enough warehouse facilities to store its products and sell them at the most favorable conditions at the most favorable time
  • Diversified construction of agricultural production and production process
  • The use of modern technology –  own satellite crop monitoring system
  • Qualified staff and team formed
  • Transparent ownership structure and sales form
  • Stable growing demand for enterprise products



Dnipropetrovsk region

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5349,8 ha Own Machinery
Аll necessary communications Dnipropetrovsk region

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Dnipropetrovsk region

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